Spoil your lovely mom on Mother’s day. A lovely workshop all women loves. Thank you for coming and we look forward to having you again for the next workshop.

10 May 2019


It is our honour to continuously have the opportunity to design the program for the bridal showcase. This year we also offer calligraphy service on vows cards for on the day confirm client. Thank you each of you for joining us. We enjoy meeting each couple and serving you.

28 Apr 2019


Thank you Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong for the continuous support and the hotel team for all the hard work. That was such a wonderful, successful event, thank you for including SanStation into your showcase again.

9 Mar 2019


It was our honour to do table stationery styling for the showcase last weekend @mo_hkg. Thank you MO team for all your hard work. It was such a luxurious experience event. We enjoyed the weekend serving your guests.

2 Mar 2019


2月14日。等到今日,彷如一世。 今夜,在JUNON仙后餐廳裡,為各位有情人送上創造獨有浪漫驚喜的【JUNON x SanStation情人節禮盒】限量版!盒子裡的濃情蜜意朱古力、心型指紋情人卡、愛情名句書籤、金色絲帶及名片座。這個情人佳節,為記憶留下最美好的印記。